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WHY Talon Local Marketing Group

Talon Local Marketing Group is very different than your typical social media marketing company. What make us different? How do we stand apart? First of all is our knowledge and list of social media based marketing programs you will not find anywhere else under one roof. Secondly we create specific strategies and campaigns for each individual customer. We understand that we cannot market every vertical exactly the same. Every business no matter how similar they are to others, all have something special and unique about them. Creating a detailed strategy with our customer ensures that we are communicating the exact message that the business wants to relay to it’s customer. Once we combine the message that our customer wants to communicate combined with our expertise, we produce results that are well defined and measurable. Third we DO NOT Out-Source our services. Lastly all but one of our technical, sales, staff, and support affiliations are based in the United States, with the exception of one Canadian based company.

Talon is more than a single company, we are a marketing group. We are made up of our staff, based in our home office in Newport News, VA. We also have a skilled team of U.S. based social media advertising professionals and agencies from around the country that specialize in specific niches, that know how to drive interested customers into your business. Now you have a REAL Marketing TEAM in your corner ensuring that your social media is done correctly!

Another one of Talon Marketing’s key focus is the quality of engagement. This is what will separate the effectiveness of social media compared to your competitor. We will treat the customers and people communicating on social media like they walked through the front door of a storefront.

Talon Local Marketing Group manages the full life-cycle of a social media project, including strategy, implementation, analyzing and reporting results — all while hitting objectives. The ability to understanding our client’s goals, systems, and needs in order to anticipate their needs and propose alternative solutions is essential.