Case Study

Mobile Marketing Case Study: Happy Smile Dental


Happy Smile Dental has been around for 30 years. Aside from some basic print advertising in the local paper, a Yellow Pages listing and desktop website, Happy Smile has never invested much time or money on their advertising. Over the years, Happy Smile has primarily relied on word of mouth to help generate new clients.

They noticed that their appointment book is not as full as it once was. Additionally, almost 15% of all appointments booked do not show up, resulting in lost revenue for the clinic and missed opportunities to fill time slots with other patients, and newer clinics are aggressively advertising, using new mediums such as mobile marketing. To make matters worse, Happy Smile Dental has even lost some long time clients to the newer dental clinics around town.

The office manager, has been tasked to come up with a new marketing solution to attract new clientele and improve their online presence. A few years ago, Happy Smile updated their desktop website with a pricey re-design. While the site looks great, many patients can’t view the desktop website on their new phones.

The office manager also needs a better way of contacting clients to confirm appointments. Appointment no-shows have steadily increased over the last several years so they are looking for a way to help improve and streamline client appointment confirmations.



Happy Smile Dental took advantage of a number of different options with mobile marketing to help increase their exposure to their growing mobile audience.

Premium Mobile Website

Having a mobile website is no longer an option, it’s essential. Happy Smile’s prospective and current patients are constantly on the move and are searching for their services on their mobile devices more so than their desktops. A properly built mobile site will ensure that online users will be able to learn about, contact and find the clinic on any type of mobile device available. They will also be able to navigate through their website with ease and contact the clinic within seconds of searching for them using tap to call buttons. Not only will patients be pleased with Happy Smile’s professional mobile website they will also be impressed by the time saving and convenient tools the clinic has implemented. For example, patients can fill out their registrations forms on their mobile devices using a mobile optimized submission form.

SMS Text Messaging Appointment Reminder Service

An SMS appointment reminder service can helpthe office manager cut down on the amount of missed appointments. Each day the office manager can send a two-way automated text message to all the scheduled patients for the day. Within minutes, the office manager will know who will be attending their appointments and who will not by viewing the real time tracking of her appointment confirmations. Happy Smile can also engage their younger audiences, improve communication with their loyal patients and network with prospective patients using SMS services. Additionally, SMS birthday wishes has proven to be a great way to stay in touch with current clients and to help stay connected.

QR Codes

QR codes can help engage Happy Smile’s mobile users and show better ROI on their print advertising. Providing QR codes in their newspaper ads and Yellow Page listings will allow Happy Smile’s potential patients to instantly view the clinic’s services and contact information. Additionally, Happy Smile can use QR codes on posters and pamphlets to help drive traffic to their mobile website and mobile lead generation landing page. The QR codes can include geo-tracking capabilities to let Happy Smile know exactly where their QR codes are being scanned and which ads are most effective. This can help the office manager better plan her marketing efforts on certain key locations spread out throughout town.

Lead Generation Landing Page

To help acquire new clientele a mobile optimized landing page can be integrated with a QR and SMS campaign to help drive traffic and leads for Happy Smile. A mobile optimized landing page can help ensure that you convert and capture as many leads as possible. A solid call to action such as “Teeth Whitening 25% Off – Fill out this short form to claim your coupon!” will encourage potential leads to fill out the mobile optimized form.



Happy Smile has reported an increase in profits of 68%, increased his existing customer data base and is experiencing a growth in dental cosmetic procedures.

The office manager has reported that no show appointments have fallen below 5%. They are now using SMS text messaging to help fill vacancies and expressed that response rates are better than making phone calls.  Text messaging has also allowed the office manager to work more efficiently, by spending less time on the phone tracking down and reminding patients of appointment times as well as less time trying to fill holes in the schedule.