2 Listings on Page 1 of Google

Hyper local internet marketing service in action.  Talon now has 2 listings on page #1 of Google, #1 listing in maps and #2 in organic results.  Accomplished with nothing other than on site search engine optimization (seo).

talon marketing results 2

#1 Ranking in 2 Days

In only two days after the launch of Talon’s local internet marketing service website, they ranked #1 in Google Maps.  Why would you want to work with #2 or less?

talon search results

Talon Local Marketing Group Launches

Talon Local Marketing Group,  a local mobile marketing agency based in Newport News, VA, announced the launch of their new website and officially open for business today.  Talon Local Marketing Group is founded by Dexter P. Morgan II, who has 20 years of website design and online marketing experience and selling his first website at 24 years old.

Talon will be focusing on local mobile solutions for local based businesses.  Services include website design, mobile website design, local focused search engine optimization, and mobile marketing solutions.  This is what Mr. Morgan said when he was asked what made his website design firm different from others, “We aren’t a website design firm. Website design is simply one aspect of the total package.  What we are is a local mobile marketing firm, which means we offer digital advertising with a hyper focus on local internet results. Local internet results, for local based businesses, is now being driven by mobile devices.”

Free consultations can be made through the company website’s contact form, which also allows visitors to ask questions.  For more information about Talon Local Marketing Group, visit or call 757-349-6007.